It’s already an established fact that eggs are healthy. Rich in minerals, vitamins, fats and proteins, eggs are a mandatory part of every weight loss plan. Though eggs in themselves are very healthy and compliment weight loss, there are some other add-ons which you can do to speed up your weight loss. Here we give you a list of three best foods that you can add to your eggs!

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COMBO 1: Egg + oatmeal

You may have no idea but adding oatmeal on one side of your plate with egg can do wonders for reducing your waistline. Oatmeal has resistant starch, which helps digest the food slowly and also triggers the release of digestive acid that suppresses your appetite and promotes calorie burn. Having oats along with eggs is also said to boost your metabolism!

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COMBO 2: Egg + spinach

Containing only seven calories per cup, adding spinach will add loads of nutrients with no unwanted calories to your omelette. Rich in iron, spinach boosts your strength and metabolism. So, making your omelette nutrient-rich, spinach suppresses hunger by keeping you fuller for longer.

COMBO 3: Egg + coconut oil

While butter and other oils add calories to your delicious omelette, coconut oil helps to shed those pounds by increasing your metabolism up to five per cent. A study conducted on 30 participants showed that these people lost 1.1 inches from their waistline after having two tbsp of coconut oil every day for a month. So, next time skip that butter and cook your omelette in coconut oil.