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Iced Turmeric Latte

I recently shared my easy turmeric latte recipe with you, and today I want to offer-up an iced turmeric latte for those who prefer cold drinks. I always tend to gravitate towards iced coffees, iced teas and other cold drinks, myself!

This iced turmeric latte recipe is yet another great way to incorporate the healing benefits of turmeric in your daily routine. It’s also a wonderful way to utilize the turmeric golden paste that you may have on hand.

Iced Turmeric Latte Recipe

Turmeric is such a powerful spice! It’s been used for centuries by people from all around the world to treat a myriad of common ailments from cold and flu to arthritis and beyond. Turmeric is even thought to help treat and prevent some types of cancer. While I’m not sure if this is true, the research is compelling enough to give this fabulous ingredient some close study.

I feel like we’re really only scratching the surface when it comes to understanding just how powerful this ingredient can be in our lives, but one thing is certain, getting a little turmeric into your diet each week is great for your overall health and wellness.

Of course, you should definitely consult your physician before taking turmeric during pregnancy.

As with any ingredient or home remedy, turmeric should be just one small part of an overall healthy lifestyle. In other words, enjoy this turmeric iced latte a couple times a week, not three times a day, every day!

I especially love adding a little turmeric to my diet when I feel those first sniffles coming on.

This iced turmeric latte recipe is a great way to combat cold and flu. You may also want to try my turmeric gummies or detox turmeric tea to help fight cold and flu symptoms.

Please let me know your thoughts if you decide to give this iced turmeric latte recipe a whirl!

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Iced Turmeric Latte Recipe

Enjoy the many health benefits of turmeric with this yummy and easy to make iced turmeric latte.



  1. Add the hot water to your blender then pour in the instant espresso powder, allow to dissolve, add the coconut cream or coconut oil and golden paste or ground turmeric.
  2. When the coconut cream or oil has melted, add the coffee creamer. Blend on high for about 30 seconds or until combined and frothy. Allow the latte to cool for a few minutes before pouring over ice.
  3. Optional, sprinkle a little extra ground turmeric on top.

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